International Outreach to

Ghana, West Africa

My personal call to Ghana occurred when I was 16 years old. It was over four decades before the doors opened to allow me personal involvement. As an educator and administrator, I had sent many young people forward to their called mission field. I had begun to believe that my call was to provide financial supply and prayers to those who served; but then, God opened the door to ministry and I ran through. God is so gracious. He calls each of us to serve and the timing is His.

I have been allowed to be a part of fish farm construction, pulpit supply, and leadership training as a part of this ministry. Never doubt that God has a plan for your life. He does, just listen and be receptive to His call. Seek His will and joy will abound!  

Go to our contact page and let us know how you want to be involved. Do it today - The fields are ripe unto harvest! Dear souls are waiting for you.

SkyBlue Family Ministries is involved in mission outreach to the nation of Ghana, West Africa. We have teamed with Operation Dignity of Minnesota to assist in the building of fish farms for increasing protein supplies in small villages. 

SkyBlue is also involved in leadership training for pastors and business, assisting them in the training needed to advance degree programs. We also conduct church services while in country. 

​Our plans include the development of and implementation of nutrition training materials in the native language of Twi. We are busy writing new materials for raised bed gardening, keyhole gardening, and aquaponics. 

We stand in need of your prayers and financial support as we strive to increase life span expectations and nutritional health. You can help build strong bodies and fight disease in the lives of these precious souls.